Saturday 7 September 2019

Pandan Huat Kuih 香兰发糕

Huat kuih
gets its name from its explosive top. The word huat in this context means expand, and kuih basically means our local traditional cake. Traditionally huat kuih is used by the Chinese as a prayer offering to deities or god. The more explosive it looks signifies the more prosperous and good fortune for the family.

Sunday 11 August 2019

Beef sinew and daikon soup (presure cooker method) 清湯牛筋肉白萝

A brisket or tendon is normally paired with daikon instead of sinew. The sinew is actually a tough tissue in between the muscles. It is often sliced off and discarded when we cook the beef to prevent any chewiness. It is tough and chewy. However, with the right cooking method, it will turn springy and soft, with just the right resistance for a good chew, jut like a tendon would. I prefer to use sinew as it is often the cheapest as it is considered discards. This is just a way you can turn unused parts into something yummy.

Sunday 19 May 2019

Steamed Chocolate Cake 蒸巧克力蛋糕

Have no oven but dying to try out your own chocolate cake?

Making a chocolate cake has never been easier. All the measurements are in cups!!!! (If you don't have a measurement cup, I have also painstakingly measured it out for you in grammage).

Thursday 18 April 2019

Chocolate Brownies 巧克力布朗尼

I recently have a revelation. I found out that I have this fetish for chocolate brownies. I can't seem to stop thinking about it. So there I am, in my quest for my ideal chocolate brownies.

What is in a chocolate brownie that makes it so captivating? I call it a cross betweeen a cake and cookie. I has a denser texture than cake but a softer texture than a cookie. This makes the taste extremely intense but not too dry to the throat. And when paired with that favourite ice cream that seeps into whatever  nooks and crannies left by the brownie, oh yummy! Nirwana calls.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Simple Roast Chicken 简单烤鸡

I was a bit shy to present this recipe as it is really a basic no-frills roast chicken. I decided to pen this anyway. It is for my own future reference as I simply love the original flavours that is this dish. As the title suggests, it is a simple recipe with simple seasonings which are commonly available in the market. I was a bit surprised how tasty were the natural flavours of the chicken and vegetables. The vegetables I chose each has their own natural sweetness or tanginess which comes together perfectly in the dish. You can also replace with, or add other vegetables of your choice. You just have to make sure that the vegetables you chose do not have too much water content or the tray will be filled with juice after your bake. Choose something like potatoes or carrots.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Minecraft Cake

Each year, I endeavour to make a cake for my son. This is his 6th birthday and my 6th cake for him. As his age progresses, his request for his birthday cake also gets complicated. This year, he requested for a Minecraft cake. In case you are in the dark, Minecraft is actually an online game (which makes no sense to me at all).

When I first googled for information, I was apprehensive. It was complicated. I was not confident I could do it. Worse of all, it involves fondant, which I have not ventured into and have no interest in doing so. But I have to at least try. I initially planned a very simple cake with purchased figurines as topper. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to purchase the figurines and therefore, it didn't come in time. I have to use fondant to make the figurines. Even that, I chose the easiest figurines, ENDERMAN and CREEPER. I had no choice but also make STEVE as he is a trademark in Minecraft afterall.
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