Wednesday 29 March 2017

Almond Biscotti 杏仁 脆饼

Biscotti, which basically means twice baked, had put me off for the longest time. I don't want to put in twice the effort to make a same recipe. The process involves first baking it whole and then slicing it thinly to be toasted in the oven. Whatever is initially daunting, however, became advantageous. I can now precook the batter and leave it in the freezer. I can slice the amount that is needed and toast it crispy whenever I want. I, therefore, have a fresh supply of biscotti whenever there is guest coming over or when the occasion arises. It is perfect dunked in your favourite cuppa or as a leisure afternoon snack. This is one snack that I do not have to hold myself out because it has more nutritional values and practically oil-less. So you can munch all you want. You might also want to double the recipe. It gets pretty addictive once the nibbling starts.

Monday 27 March 2017

Simple Pulut Panggang/Rempah Udang

This Malaysian delicacy is basically grilled stuffed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. The glutinous rice is stuffed with shredded coconut and dried shrimp chilli paste whereas the rice is parboiled in coconut milk. The wrapped glutinous rice is then grilled in charcoal (traditionally) for that sweet and smoky flavour, and at the same time, adding a little crisp to the rice.

This recipe is named Simple Pulut Panggang. Truth be told, making this dish is never simple with various steps to observe. However, with the use of my prepared Sambal Udang Kering/Hae Bee Hiam, a rice cooker and a stapler, making this is a breeze. The rice is cooked in a rice cooker and no soaking is necessary. The ends are stapled together instead of using bamboo sticks. Lastly and most importantly, the filling is easily taken cared of with the use of the prepared sambal.

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