Wednesday 30 July 2014

Birthday cake with meaning - Longevity Bao (sau bao) 寿桃包

My mother's birthday is coming. This is a first year we are giving her a surprise party. And I am hoping to surprise her with some longevity baos. Longevity bun or bao is an old chinese tradition that symbolises long life. It is normally presented to elders on their birthday just as a cake is presented on our birthdays. As my mom does not really fancy cakes, making this bao for her would be a great idea.

Basic Bao Skin

I have done a fair bit of research on this, both from cook books and internet. The art of making a soft fluffy bao seems to be a guarded secret of an ancient Chinese Kung fu. You just can't find one. Of course,  many claimed to be able to make the bao pillowy soft and leavened. Some used water roux some added milk and some added egg white. I have tried the ALL, and yet, the result is fair at best. Thank God my little boy is a bao lover and helped me devour most of my trials.

Now, this recipe is something that I have meticulously improvised through trials and error. I don't think it is a conventional method but the steps are pretty much the same. The result is beyond satisfactory! It came out soft, puffy and does not stick to the teeth, just like those from the dim sum place.

First time blogging

I get embarrass every time people ask me, "What do you do?" I do not have a job. I look after my baby. I have many other things to do that concerns managing assets, finance and house maintenance. How do you explain that in once sentence?

When I first stopped working, I really needed a break. I was burnt out. Then came baby Jun Xiang. I have a perfect excuse not to work. But now, I am restless. I simply do not like telling people I do nothing. Hence, the birth if this blog. Call it a hobby or call it a job, it will give me a new direction. Now, I am a cook, a blogger, a photographer and a recipe developer ....or so I hope to be.

I hope you will find my blog useful and entertaining. Please do not be polite. Speak your mind out if necessary, minus the vulgarities that is. Hope to hear from you.
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