Wednesday 31 May 2017

Chicken Korma/Ayam Kurma

Chicken Korma has its origins from India. It uses primarily yogurt and spices as base. In Malaysia, it is known as Ayam Kurma. The Malaysian version is paler in colour and uses mostly coconut milk and kurma powder (a premix of spices). It has a milder spiciness compared to its curry peers. It is rich in coconut milk taste with a slight tang from the tomatoes added in.

Saturday 6 May 2017

Simple Apple Salad with Crunchy Calamari Rings

This whole week has been really hectic for me with the preparation of an upcoming bazaar participation besides my usual work rush. I have been taking economy rice as lunch for most of this week. I have been wanting to eat something different, something healthy but I hardly have the time to cook. Then suddenly, I remembered I received a packet of Calamari Rings and some fish fillets (they have quite a few types) from PACIFIC WEST recently. Perfect! I then quickly chucked the calamari rings into my preheated oven. You can also have the option to deep-fry or air fry the Calamari Rings.
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