Wednesday 14 January 2015

Chinese New Year Snack - Crispy Fried Crabstick 酥脆炸蟹柳

It is this time of the year already. I am sure many of you feel like I do - part excited but part lamenting how fast time flies. At this time of the year, you would normally see vendors selling Chinese New Year snacks, often at an inflated price, starting to mushroom. Yet, you would see people making a beeline to buy. Yes, and that only happens during this time of the year. Most people would seem busy. Many would rush to complete their work. Oh, not to forget the fat bonuses! Unfortunately, the fat bonuses tend to get "thinner" nowadays. But let's not let that deflate us. It is "tong tong chiang" time after all (time to celebrate)!

Starting now until Chinese New Year, I will be running a series of recipes related to Chinese New Year. Those of you whom might have some spare time from all the hustle and bustle can opt to DIY your own Chinese New Year food instead of buying outside.

Today I am going to start the ball rolling with a simple recipe even monkeys know how to make (figuratively saying lah!). This would hopefully jumpstart your engine for something more challenging later. The recipe that I am introducing, or rather, without further introduction, is Crispy Fried Crabstick. Last year, this delicious snack was selling at RM15 per jar. And this is something you can easily make at home. Do you get my point?

I reckon the inventor of this dish is a lazy bum. How else would anyone think of a work so simple to make a snack? But he is definitely a genius bum. Cause, this snack is widely accepted and liked, with some even pledging undying love to it.

Crispy Fried Crabstick

Crabsticks, unrolled and shredded evenly
Oil for frying
2 sprigs of curry leaf (optional)

Cooking Instruction

1. Gently open the crabstick rolls.

2. Shred evenly into thin strips. Set aside to dry.

3. Heat oil. Put shredded crabsticks and curry leafs into hot oil. Stir constantly in order to get even crisp.

4. Remove from fire when crabsticks turn golden and crisp.

5. Drain and cool completely before putting into air-tight containers.

The amount of curry leaves would depend on how much oil is used. If you cook in larger batches, it is advisable to add more.

Ready for something more difficult? check out this Almond and Seeds Crisp:

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