Saturday 31 January 2015

Beans Revisited - Chinese Mixed Beans Dessert 三豆塘水

Today is definitely not my day. I wanted to do my usual Almond Crisps for the blog. Unfortunately, the crisps got stuck to the supposedly non-stick baking paper. I have to discard the whole batch of it, plus the newly opened roll of baking paper. I am not even going to wonder what went wrong. I have no time for that.

I then drove to the nearby supermart to buy another baking roll. I rushed into the place, took my baking paper and paid the cashier. The cashier over-charged for the roll of baking paper and I have to wait for her to confirm the price before it was being deducted. Then I went back to the car only to have the car clamped! And got scolded for parking there in the process. Well, I am not going to complain as it is my fault for reckless parking. Paid my dues, which is RM50, to get it unlocked and moved on. It is just not my day! But perhaps a nice bowl of tong sui would help.

I have decided to upload an entirely different recipe instead. This mixed beans dessert is also in my former restaurant's menu. It comprises three types of beans namely red beans, green beans and black eye beans. It gives a balance of texture and variety to your normal dessert or tong sui. This dessert is loaded with fiber and nutrients.

Although sounding complicated, mixed beans dessert is super easy to do. My recipe calls for the conventional boiling method but if you prefer, you could put it in the slow cooker for slow cooking or pressure cooker to hasten the cooking process. See how versatile it is? Without anymore delay, let me introduce to you ......the mixed beans dessert!

Mixed Beans Dessert  三豆塘水

100 g red beans
120 g green beans
80 g black eye beans
10 g pearl sago
2 litre water
150 g rock sugar or sugar
3 pandan leaves
1 piece of tangerine peel (optional)

Cooking Instruction

1. Wash red beans, drain and put into a pot together with water, pandan leaves and tangerine peel. Bring to boil and simmer for 35 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, wash green beans and black eye beans together. Put in the beans after 35 minutes and continue to boil until all beans soften.

3. Add sugar and sago. Continue to simmer. Stir occasionally to prevent sago from sticking to pot.

4. Turn off fire and serve when sago is cooked.

I personally do not like my beans to be too mushy, tender will do. If you prefer the mushy kind, continue to cook in slow fire until it turns sandy. 

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