Saturday 29 May 2021

Stable Cream Cheese Frosting 奶油芝士糖霜

Cream cheese frosting is my favourite.  I like my frosting creamy with strong cream cheese flavour and end with a slight tang. 

Living in a hot and humid climate, my cakes have to have a stable frosting. Otherwise, it would turn soft and lose its shape. I have been trying out for a stable cream cheese frosting recipe for quite some time. I finally settled for this cream cheese frosting recipe. 

It is not difficult to make a stable cream cheese frosting. You just have to use more cheese composition to liquid (or other soft ingredients like milk or whipped cream). Also, having a denser cream cheese flavour suits my tastes just fine. 

Here is a very simple but stable cream cheese frosting recipe that is both easy to make and delicious! It requires only four ingredients.

Stable Cream Cheese Frosting 奶油芝士糖霜

Makes about 400g cream cheese frosting)


250g cream cheese

100g icing sugar

85g salted butter cubes

1.5 tsp lemon juice 

Cooking Instructions

1. Beat cream cheese until smooth for about 30 seconds using a food processor on medium speed. 

2. Add icing sugar and beat until creamy (about 90 sec on medium high).  

3. Add butter and continue beating until creamy and fluff (about 60 sec on medium high).

4. Lastly add lemon juice and continue beating for a while. Cream cheese is ready for piping.


        (click picture for YouTube link) 

If you are looking for another cream cheese frosting recipe, here's another one that I used to makefor my banana cake. It is softer in nature with a bit of a yogurt taste. 

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