Tuesday 24 November 2020

Boiled Fruitcake -The Easiest Fruitcake Ever 杂果蛋糕

Yes, it is true. This is by far the easiest fruitcake I have ever done. It turned out soft and moist, just as I wanted it. Have you heard of Boiled Fruitcake?

A boiled fruitcake involves boiling the dried fruit first in sugar syrup until it is soft and flavourful before folding in the dry ingredients and subsequently putting it to bake. This totally eliminates the process of soaking your dried fruits to hydrate them! When the fruit is boiling, it softens the fibres to give it that plump juicy soft fruits. So, so delicious. 

A quick comparison of this boiled fruitcake recipe with my previous fruitcake recipe, I find that this recipe requires lesser time to make. I do not have to pre-soak my dried mixed fruits. I do not have to beat in my butter as it is boiled together. You only need a mixing bowl to construct this boiled fruitcake. Both methods would require you to slow bake the cake in low temperature. If you like alcohol in your cake, just feed it once every two weeks.

I am not a fan of dark fruitcake but if you are, you can replace the brown sugar with molasses.

Boiled Fruitcake -The Easiest Fruitcake Ever 杂果蛋糕


Rum or Brandy for feeding

2 egg, beaten


1 kg dried mixed fruits

150g butter 

3/4 to 1 cup brown sugar (depending on the sweetness of the fruits)

1 cup (240ml) orange juice or 1 cup water + 2 tbsp Sunquick

250g self raising flour

1 tsp mixed spice

1 tsp cinnamon

Cooking Instruction

1. Line a 7"x 7" baking tin, twice.

2. Bring ingredients A to a boil and put on slow simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and rest for 15 mins.

3. Meanwhile, sift together ingredient B.

4. Add eggs into A and mix well. Fold in flour (B) to A using a wooden spoon or spatula. Then pour batter into baking tin.

5. Bake in a preheated oven at 150C for 1 1/2 hour or when skewer comes out clean, remove from oven and let cool. Cake is ok to be served just like this or aged with alcohol.

Another fruitcake recipe using bake method? Click here:


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  2. Looks more like a brownie. This is really nice recipe though. Would you write about chocolate nut brownie its recipe.

    Mahesh Matta

    1. Hi, thank you for trying. I do have a brownie recipe. here's the link: https://theinformalchef.blogspot.com/2019/04/i-recently-have-revelation.html


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