Monday 2 November 2015

Sing Kong tofu 星光豆腐

I am surprised how little information is available for this dish. Maybe I just do not know where to find the info, maybe there is another name for this dish or maybe, it is just popular in my area. If I am not wrong, this is another made-in-Malaysia dish. This dish is basically tofu cooked in thickened egg gravy. The gravy is similar to that of a Cantonese-style fried flat noodle (wat tan hor).

Cooking this dish is not difficult. The difficult part is to buy all the little quantities of ingredients. It doesn't make sense for homecooks to buy the whole list of ingredients and then use just a little for this dish. I, however, did buy all the ingredients save for the squid. This is because I have planned to use it on my kong nam noodle later which uses similar ingredients. But if you think some ingredients are just excessive, feel free to omit. It doesn't affect the taste.

My husband is definitely going to freak when he sees this. This is because the original Sing Kong tofu does not have so much veggies. But I like it this way, with lots of veggies. This way, I am killing two birds with one stone. I have veggies and tofu in just one dish.

UPDATE 3/11/2015: Hubby saw this and said not enough gravy. It is supposed to be as wet as a "wat tan hor". So I have adjusted the chicken stock and seasoning accordingly. 

"Sing Kong" tofu 星光豆腐


2 pieces of hard tofu, fried and cut into 8 triangles
3 baby corns, cut into half diagonally
4 slices carrot
1 big piece Chinese cabbage cut into slices
10 g cauliflower, cut into florets (I used brocolli)
3-4 pieces prawns, shelled
4 slices pork
a few small pieces cloud ear
4 pieces sweet peas
600 ml chicken stock
1 egg, beaten
1 egg white
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbsp oil


1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp shaoxing wine
1 tsp salt
2 drops of black soya sauce (optional)

Potato starch slurry

1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tbsp water

Cooking Instruction

1. Mix all seasoning into a bowl. Heat oil in wok and sautee garlic until fragrant. Add prawns and pork and continue to sautee until just cooked. Remove and set aside.

2. Add chicken stock into the wok. Bring to a boil and add in all the vegetables. Add seasoning and mix well. While waiting for the vegetables to cook, prepare your cornstarch slurry.

3. Lastly, dump in the fried tofu and the meat. When the stock becomes bubbling, add cornstarch gradually, stirring continuously until you reached the correct thickness. The gravy should be the consistency of your Cantonese fried noodle gravy.

4. Immediately turn off the fire and add in egg whites. Swirl the gravy a little to break the egg but not overdoing it. Plate and serve.

The tofu could be replaced by Japanese tofu as well. The tofu and veggies would continue to release water so it is ok if your gravy is gluey in the beginning.

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