Friday 12 December 2014

How to treat a burn or scald without medication

Have you ever burned yourself while cooking? It is quite common for one to have superficial burns when cooking. If you always carry Burnol with you, then it's fine. What happened if you don't have any medications and it hurts like no tomorrow? Some of you might already know of an effective way to treat a burn but for those who do not, please read on......

The answer is in light soy sauce. It is a common practice in Chinese commercial kitchens to use light soy sauce to treat a burn (first degree burn that is). Just apply soy sauce to burned or scalded area just as you would your Burnol.  It would give you instant relieve to the pain and curb swelling. The best thing is, it leaves no soreness and the redness just fade away shortly.

Growing up in a kitchen environment, I have used this method numerous times and it works like magic. I can even testify that this method is better than the home remedy of putting cool compress on the injured area. Of course, it is normal to be skeptical, as I was once like you. But I braved myself and have never turned back since. So the next time you need to treat a burn, do give this method a try. Hope this tip is able to help. Happy cooking!

If you have a serious burn, seek medical attention immediately.

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