Tuesday 2 December 2014

Creative Christmas

Can't believe it is already December! I know this is cliche but I have to say this again...How time flies! I am already starting to feel festive. A tad early, but I reckon good feelings are more than welcome anytime of the year.

Before I know Christ, Christmas was just another holiday where you go out to party and binge. But everything is different now. Christmas means celebrating the birth of Christ, be it in church or other places. Somehow, Christmas carols makes perfect sense now. And I am looking forward to it every year.

In the spirit of Christmas, there are going to be a lot of giving involved this year. I have already bought a huge bag of presents to be given away. In addition to that, this Christmas I have gone creative. I am also going to bake and cook for this Christmas. So, don't be peeved if this month's recipes are all Christmassy. I am sure you will like to know one or two of these just in case you might want to DIY your own dinner or party. I would love to hear some reviews from you. After all, Christmas is about sharing, opinions included!

I know it is a wee bit early but I am wishing everyone happy preparation for Christmas. Meanwhile, I will be getting back to my figgy pudding...♩ ♫ ♪...

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