Sunday 21 September 2014

Fried Glutinous Rice 生炒糯米飯

I have to admit I am not a big fan of glutinous rice. But this one is an exception. It is really tasty and fragrant. And the lap cheong (wax sausage) adds a hint of sweetness to the rice. It is a perfect combination.

Glutinous rice, or sticky rice, is widely used in Southeast Asia. Its grain is similar to rice. Glutinous rice, however, is opaque and becomes more sticky when cooked. Fried glutinous rice is a classic dish amongst the Chinese. It is a dish that requires skills and patience as you have to stir-fry the grains until it is cooked. Alternatively, you can cheat by steaming the rice first before stir-frying. To me, the difference is negligible with the former having more texture. However, for the sake of authenticity and the benefit of the readers, I opted for the former.

This is the time where your non-stick wok really comes in handy. The rice tend to get really sticky towards the end. By using a non-stick wok, it helps to significantly reduce the use of oil.

Fried Glutinous Rice 生炒糯米飯


Serves 3 person

1 1/2 cup (300g)glutinous rice, soaked overnight
2 pcs waxed sausage (lap cheong)
2 tbsp dried shrimp
6 shiitake mushroom
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups water
4 tbsp oil


1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp sugar
a few drops sesame oil


1 egg, fried thinly then sliced
chopped spring onion

Cooking Instructions

1. Briefly wash and soak dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms. Remove and top up the water to 2 cups. Slice the sausages and mushroom thinly. Wash rice and drain.

2. Mix all the seasoning together.

3. Heat oil in wok. Add garlic and dried shrimp. Stir until fragrant. Add sausages and mushroom. Remove from heat until needed later. Leave excess oil in wok.

4. Using the same wok, add soaked glutinous rice to the oil and stir, on medium heat, until rice is coated . Add 1/2 cup of mushroom water and all seasoning. Stir until water dries up. Add another 1/2 cup of water. Continue the process of stir-frying and adding water until all water are used. Stir-fry for about 25 mins, until rice is cook. Test by squeezing the rice. If the middle of the rice is soft and does not contain any white residue, then rice is cooked. You can now plate and add garnishing. If rice is not cooked, add a little water and continue to stir-fry. Be careful not to add too much water as the rice will turn sticky and lumpy, making it difficult to manage.

5. Remove from fire and serve with fried peanuts.

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