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After weeks of preparation, the blog is finally up. Really, it is no easy feat. Being a food blogger is akin to having a restaurant whereby you are the chef, the waiter, and the manager. Wait...did I mention cleaner?  You have to be knowledgeable in writing (at least to a presentable standard), cooking, photography, food styling and blogsite management. And don't forget the main purpose ofv the site - recipe development! Why are there still fools wanting to do this? The answer is simple - PASSION. I am passionate about food and I am passionate about learning new recipes and new cooking techniques. Most of all, I am passionate to share this with you. Many a time, I was excitedly sleepless just because I have discovered new recipes and was dying to share it.

I derive satisfaction from experimenting and improvising new recipes (even some old ones). I celebrate success but I will also share failures so that others will not fall into the same trap.

My "romance" with food is almost fated. I come from a family that sells food for living. And from this family is a family that used to sell food for a living as well. This has influenced me to start my own little restaurant when I was a young adult. My husband is a chef in chinese food. I think by now you can see the co-relation by now...

I am itching to venture into food again, this time a blog. I feel that I have much to share and also much to learn. It is a perfect solution to keeping me sane and satiated at home. It has been a lot of fun ever since, not to mention a lot of hard work as well.

This blog will incorporate many of my successful restaurant recipes, adapted for home cooking. You will also find a lot of authentic local flavours that is well known in this part of the world. Lastly, you will find recipes in other parts of the world as well, Most of which hold a dear spot in my heart.

About the blog

Each recipe is shown as it is with no hidden ingredient. If the recipe calls for MSG (something that the Chinese restaurant love to add), it will be stated. Of course, I make real effort in omitting this ingredient without compromising the taste.

All photographs presented in the blog are taken by yours truly. I learned (and is still learning) photography just for the purpose for this blog. Heck! I even bought a new DSLR for this. I truly hope the images pleases your eyes. That would be my greatest satisfaction.


I wish you a pleasant fun time reading this blog. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Please do drop me a line at


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Please forgive me if I do not reply you promptly. But I promise to keep updated.



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your recipe for coconut tart, I look forward to trying it out. If you are interested in recipes for home cooked food, do visit my blog auntiedollylovesfood.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Dolly (or shall I call you auntie Dolly?), Thank you for trying the tart recipe. I dropped by your blog just a moment ago. You have some wonderful recipes there. I might just try out a few. Thanks!


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