Wednesday 29 March 2017

Almond Biscotti 杏仁 脆饼

Biscotti, which basically means twice baked, had put me off for the longest time. I don't want to put in twice the effort to make a same recipe. The process involves first baking it whole and then slicing it thinly to be toasted in the oven. Whatever is initially daunting, however, became advantageous. I can now precook the batter and leave it in the freezer. I can slice the amount that is needed and toast it crispy whenever I want. I, therefore, have a fresh supply of biscotti whenever there is guest coming over or when the occasion arises. It is perfect dunked in your favourite cuppa or as a leisure afternoon snack. This is one snack that I do not have to hold myself out because it has more nutritional values and practically oil-less. So you can munch all you want. You might also want to double the recipe. It gets pretty addictive once the nibbling starts.

What I am doing today, is not entirely authentic per se as the authentic biscotti contains fats and is more rustic. I particularly like this refined biscotti which is thinner and grease-free, made using only egg whites, sugar and flour. To make your life easier, the recipe has an equal measurement of sugar, flour, egg whites and almond. There is really no excuse not to give this a try!  

Almond Biscotti 杏仁 脆饼

Makes approximately 26 pcs


100g egg whites (approx 3)
100g flour (sifted)
100g castor sugar
100g almond (toasted)
50g sunflower seed (can be replaced with almond or others)

Cooking Instruction

1. Whisk egg whites until foamy. Add in castor sugar and whisk until soft peak.

2. Add in flour and mix gently using a spatula. Lastly, add in almond and other nuts and mix well.

3. Transfer batter to a lined loaf pan and bake at preheat oven at 170C for 30 minutes. Remove and let cool. (At this point you could keep it in the refrigerator until further needed). Using a serrated knife, cut gently using a sawing motion into 2mm thickness. Do not press.

4. Arrange slices on a try and bake in the oven again at 140 C for 20mins or until the slices turned crispy. You can also leave it in the over and let the residual heat further dry the biscuits. Store in air-tight jar.

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