Tuesday 5 July 2016

Sambal Udang Kering/Dried Shrimp Sambal - The Product

It has been a while since I last blogged, almost a month to be exact. One must wonder what happened to this usually healthy blog. Well, here's the story....

It all started one fateful day when I took a step of faith to convert one of my recipes into an actual product, something that you could actually see, buy and eat. Praise God, I have never looked back since. The product sold so well that I have to mobilise my whole family including my aged mother for help. But all is well. Sales was impressive. Profit was satisfactory. But most of all, I get to work at home and spend time with my love one. Everybody was happy with the extra work albeit a little too tiring. This marks the beginning of my little cottage industry and I believe there would be more to come. Blogging, sadly and reluctantly, would have to take a back seat for the moment...but definitely not forgotten!

The product that I am so excited about is my homemade Sambal Udang Kering or Dried Shrimp Sambal. It is now available in the market for only RM 18 or USD 6 (places other than Malaysia) per jar of 230 g. It comes in a glass jar (or high quality plastic jar for sending by post). The best thing is that you can actually order this from overseas but at the same time, still enjoy homemade no-preservatives spiced goodness. Is this even possible? Yes! And it is money-back guaranteed.

This Sambal Udang Kering is uniquely a Malaysian Nyonya (Straits people) dish. Also known as hae bee hiam by the Chinese, it can be deliciously eaten as it is, with rice, bread or noodles, or it could be used as a condiment to cook some delicious Malaysian dishes such as Stir-fry Stink Beans with Shrimps (Sambal Udang Petai), Grill Sticky Rice (Pulut Panggang), Mini Sambal Prawn Rolls and many others. Truly versatile indeed!

If you are tempted by all these wonderful recipes, all you have to do is buy this Sambal Udang Kering. You can reach me at theinformalchef@gmail.com or drop me a line at my facebook inbox  (click).

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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