Thursday 15 October 2015

How To Clean and Devein Shrimp (With Shell On)

Many of you would have liked your shrimp to be properly cleaned and shelled when served. Imagine biting into that succulent morsel without lifting a finger...heavenly! However, in many Chinese cooking, the shells are left on the shrimp to be peeled later while eating.

There are many reasons for that:

1. The shell provides a shield that retains those juicy goodness of the shrimp, ensuring a sweet, juicy and moist shrimp when cooked. This is especially important in Chinese cooking whereby the fire is blazing hot and the shrimps tend to get dried easily.

2. The shell is full of flavour providing additional taste (and mineral calcium as well). In fact the shell is so tasty it is used to make soups for noodles. And not to forget that fragrant shrimp oil as well.

3. When fried, the shell becomes crispy and provides added crunch and texture to the otherwise soft shrimp meat. This is one of my favourite eats - deep-dried shrimp in shells. My fried shrimps have to be in shell as I enjoyed the shell as much as the succulent flesh. The shrimp heads are full of juicy prawn flavour when bitten into. It is actually a very crucial part that gives out an intense flavour.

There you have it. The confession of a Chinese shrimp aficionado. If you disagree, don't shoot me. This is how it is done in Chinese cooking. And now to get your hands dirty.....

How To Prepare Shrimp (With Shell On)

Christine Yong

You will need:
  • Shrimps with a pair of scissors


1. Cut off the prickly tip on top of the head.

2. Cut the tip of the head (the front).

3. Trim the tail.

4. Trim the legs.

5. Proceed to make and incision along the back of the shrimp.

6. Dig the veins out and pull to remove.

7. Wash and prep the shrimp for cooking.

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