Thursday 23 April 2015

How To Remove Soft Tofu From The Box 如何从盒子拿出嫩豆腐

This is by far the easiest way to remove soft tofu. No cutting box and no rinsing with water. I learned this from the commercial kitchen and it works EVERYTIME for me. Try it for yourself!


1. Use a sharp knife or scissors to make an incision on the to cover.

2. Cut all the sides to remove the cover completely. Cover should be completely taken off and shouldn't be touching the tofu at all.

3. Place tofu on top of the sink and turn tofu downside up. At this stage, excess water would flow out from the box.

4. Use a clever with a wide body to give the box of tofu a hearty whack. Do not be afraid. Just hit it hard. You should be able to feel the tofu drop to your palm. If it is still stuck, give it another hearty whack.

5. Remove box and place tofu on plate.

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