Saturday 7 March 2015

How to remove gingko nuts' membrane in a breeze

Eating gingko nut often requires tedious work. Unless you buy the ready-peeled vacuum-packed ones, the whole process of shelling the nuts and peeling the membrane will put you off. I have an easy way to do away with the membrane, or shall I say, boil away with the membrane. Yes, after shelling it (can't help you much in this), put all your gingko nuts in a pot with water and boil in high heat. The membrane will softened and detach itself from the nut. Boil for about 8 minutes. Once the membrane softened, throw away the water together with the membrane that floats on the water. For those that still stick to the nut, just give it a light rub and it will fall off effortlessly.

It does have another bonus as well. It makes the gingko less bitter (bitterness from the embryo). This method is perfect for lazy people like me. Hope you find it useful too.


  1. Thank you! This helped me a lot. I love Ginko nuts but hated to peel them. Now I can enjoy!


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