Monday, 16 March 2015

My First Birthday Teddy Bear Cake 泰迪熊蛋糕

It all started with my son. He loves teddy bear. Somebody suggested that I buy him a teddy bear cake to celebrate his coming second birthday. My initial response was, "Great idea!". But something inside me was dying to do something different than just paying for a cake. Call it a mother's guilt or pure stupidity. Somehow just paying for a cake is not good enough. It must be one of a kind. Then this crazy idea of making my own cake began to form subtlely in my mind, like an irritating fly that wouldn't go away. The next few days was madness as the lunatic in me researched and purchased almost everything needed to make a mere cake.

This cake marked a lot of firsts. It was my first time making a character cake. It was my first time making a birthday cake. It was my first time piping a cake. And the list goes on...Fortunately, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. By the grace of God, everything went smoothly. He celebrated his mini party yesterday in the church.

As a rookie, everything was slow and experimental. I spent a lot of time doing research and I needed twice the time to make the sponge cake (for the base) as would a professional. Times that with three because I made the sponge three times! And I haven't even started on the piping. Overall, the finishing and piping was amateurish. I can only say that this cake was definitely one of a kind! I have journaled part of the process. I hope it would benefit the next lunatic.

I tried son, you better appreciate it!

P/s: I did receive ample praises for the appearance of the cake. Phew!

A Teddy Bear Cake 泰迪熊蛋糕


2  8-inches round sponge cakes (see recipe here)
1 packet whip topping, whipped into cream
strawberry jam
brown colouring or any other colour of your choice
2 round/oval chocolates for the eyes
1 large piece of rectangle chocolate, trim the corners for nose
small chocolate chips for the mouth
grass nozzle tip
piping bag


1. Use one whole piece of sponge for the face. Using a 7.5 cm round cutter, cut out 2 pieces of sponge for the ears. Then use a 10 cm round cutter for the snout.

2. Trim the top of the 10 cm round cake to make the shape of a snout. Half the two 7.5 cm cakes to make a ear shape.

3. Prepare whipped cream. Cut the cakes into two layers. Apply jam on top of one layer. Then smooth a layer of whipped cream onto the jam. Cover with the remaining layer.

4. Cover the round cake with whipped cream. After that, assemble the ears and snout. Apply whipped cream to ears and snout as well. Make sure cake is fully covered.

5. Add brown colouring to the remaining whipped cream until you achieved your desired tone. I added quite a bit to reach that brownish tone. Mix well. Cut a hole at the end of the piping bag and put in the grass nozzle tip. Fill piping bag with brown whipping cream. I can't find the grass nozzle so I used the nearest that I could get (see pix).

6. Lightly outline the eyes and the ears (the white area). Begin to pipe on the cake until all are filled with brown cream except the outlined area of the eyes, ears and the snout. Lastly, put on the finishing touches - the chocolate eyes, nose and make a line using chocolate chips for the mouth. Keep refrigerated until needed.


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