Monday, 2 July 2018

Three Cup Chicken 三杯鸡

Today I tried the famous Taiwanese San Bei Ji which directly translates to Three Cup Chicken. What prompted me to try this Three Cup Chicken is the simplicity of the recipe. It was originally designed to use only three cups of ingredients comprising soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine. However, what the recipe doesn't tell you is that even in the three ingredients itself it has vast difference. For example, some soy sauce are darker and thicker whereas some are more salty. I would advise you to be careful with the soy sauce as we do not want the dish to be overly salty.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Honeycomb cake / Ants' Nest Cake / Kek Sarang Semut / Kuih Gula Hangus 蜂窝蛋糕

In line with the Ramadhan month, I am contributing this piece on Honeycomb Cake which is a traditional delicacy of the Malays. This cake is a perfect dessert to break fast. Wishing all my Muslim readers Ramadhan Kareem.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Pakatan Snowskin Mooncake

I am always reluctant to mix politics with food. However, this is an exception. Just yesterday, one of my friends told me that I am not doing enough for the country (I interpreted it as selfishness). I therefore, made this Pakatan snowskin mooncake as my whimsy reply to her. To me, supporting a party does not mean you have to be physically present hailing your loyalty. This is my way of contribution.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Vertical Layer Cake/ Drip Cake

Today, I tried to cramp three techniques into one cake. This cake marked my first foray into Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC), first vertical layer cake, and first drip cake. Although the taste was good (as I am using my previous tested recipes), the artwork is mediocre at best. I have much to learn on making a smooth frosting and applying the dripping glaze.  I think my greatest enemy is my lack of patience. Making such cakes is a long process to say the least. It involves layers and layers of work. By the time I was at the decorating stage, the novelty sort of fizzled out. I was then left with a messy frosting and an urge to just abandon the endeavour. I am happy to say that I followed through to come out with this wonderful piece of art.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Lapis Legit / Spek koek 印尼千层蛋糕 (less rich version)

This is one of my favourite cakes but I have been putting off making this cake for the longest time. It is not a cake for the faint-hearted, literally saying. An original lapis legit uses about 30 egg yolks to make, not to mention about half pounds of butter. If the richness of the cake doesn't give you a heart attack, the process of making it will. Also known as a thousand layer cake (of course there is no thousand layer), it is very much a labour intensive endavour. You have to be at the oven most of the time watching the cake gets browned, levelling and then adding another thin layer. The process repeats itself at least 20 times to be considered a good bake. You need a lot of care and attention to produce even layers of straight-lined cake. After making this, I actually appreciate this cake more. It is a labour of love, a patience-endurance cake. This rookie here took 2 hours to finish my 20 layers. If you are making this for your loved ones, make sure you receive a well deserved recognition. Otherwise, just buy the lapis legit (better yet, at his/hers expense).

Lapis legit, also known as spek koek has its origins from the Nederlands whereby spek koek basically means bacon cake or cookie. Even the preferred butter is a Dutch butter called Wjisman. Having said that, the cake has evolved, since its colonial days, into what is uniquely Indonesian. If you haven't tasted this cake, it is rich and dense with a hint of spice to bring out the flavour of the cake. It can also be made into various variations, the popular one being added with prunes. The Chinese in Indonesia has adopted this cake as a celebration cake as well, a must-have luxury during Chinese New Year celebration.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Simple Cheezy Fish Fillet Parcels 简单芝士鱼包

I am not even going to lie. I am not even writing a recipe from scratch today. Pacific West has made it so easy for me that I do not have to prepare my own fish fillets. Yes, I cheated. I used fish fillets from Pacific West to make these. To be honest, I was ecstatic when they came out with a cheezy version. Just the extra umph that I need for the perfect parcel of goodness in one bite. I have always believed in Pacific West's products, ever since I used their tempura fish fillets for my Fish and Chips menu many years ago. Nowadays, Pacific West seems to have a diverse range of products to include Calamari Rings, Prawns and with also various preparation too!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Butter Cake II 奶油蛋糕 II

This is a refined version of my first butter cake recipe. After seeing so many smooth top butter cakes, I am inspired to make a flawless butter cake. A normal smooth top butter cake calls for a higher ratio of butter to flour (butter more than flour). As I do not like my cake to be too oily, my go-to recipe uses only an equal amount of butter and flour. This makes it harder to maintain that smooth top. The method and technique used here were the same as the old recipe save for the following changes:

1. Bake in a larger surface 7" x 7" pan;
2. Use low heat and steambake.

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