Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How to Get Silky Smooth Chinese Steamed Eggs

The Chinese steamed eggs is a popular dish. It is simple, with only eggs, salt and water as base. Because of its soft custardy texture, it is perfect for elders or babies who do not have the ability to chew. So what's the big deal about steaming eggs? If you think steaming eggs is easy, you are most probably right. But if your quest is that silken, smooth, flawless glob that glides into your mouth and dissolves into nothingness, you might perhaps want to read on:

1. Heat

Always use low temperature. This is not a competition. So take your time. Heat would harden proteins. Therefore, to achieve that silken tofu texture, less is best. If you notice unsightly holes in your eggs or rough surface, you most probably need to reduce your fire the next round.

2. Liquid

Liquid is used to dilute the protein contents making your eggs smooth and soft. By liquid, it could be water, stock or even milk. So, how much should we dilute? The recommended ratio is 1:1.5 eggs to liquid ratio. But I sometimes do like to push things a little, using 1:1.7 to get the eggs extra soft. It doesn't matter how many eggs you have or how big your eggs are. You would never go wrong with this ratio. Your eggs are guaranteed to set beautifully every time.

3. Method

The bowl or plate that holds the eggs must not touch the boiling water when steaming to avoid overcooking your eggs due to direct contact with heat. Cover the surface of the bowl or plate to avoid water from condensation dropping onto your eggs if necessary.

If you follow these three pointers exactly, chances are would achieve that silken soft tofu textured steamed eggs. Good luck trying!

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