Wednesday 10 February 2016

How to make Crispy Pork Lard and Pork Oil 猪油渣

Now that the two important days of Lunar New Year are over, everything is beginning to get back to normal. I am also getting myself busy again after two full days of unproductive inactivity. As corny as it might sound, I am actually glad to be back to my normal hectic schedule. I know a lot of you are still in the holiday mood. Therefore, I am just going to post something simple.

When I last posted my Yam Basket recipe, a few readers asked me where they could buy the pork lard/pork oil used in the recipe. It is so easy to make on our own I think it is only appropriate for me to illustrate how to make the pork oil. Not only that, we are actually killing two birds with one stone. Today we are also making the infamous chu yau cha or crispy pork lard, a crispy residue from rendering pork fats. These little morsels of aromatic crispy goodness are used in many Chinese dishes. Cholesterol? What is that?

How to make Crispy Pork Lard and Pork Oil 猪油渣

Pork fats
Cooking oil
Small piece of ginger (optional) 

Cooking Instruction

1. Remove pork skin and dice pork fats into 1 cm cubes. Blanch pork fats in hot water with a small piece of ginger (optional)  for 5 minutes. Strain. 

2 Heat a non-stick pan and add the pork fats onto the pan (if you are using a normal wok, you might want to oil the wok first). Reduce fire and let the fats slowly render out. Within minutes, the fats would turn into liquid. Those are your pork oil. Continue to render until the bits of fats turn golden brown.

3. Increase the heat to force the last bit of oil out before straining all the crispy pork lard residue. Set aside to cool and store in air tight jars. Store pork oil separately.

Need a recipe that uses lard? Try Yam Basket:

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