Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Chinese New Year Snack - Cod Fish Seaweed Bundle 香烤紫菜鳕鱼丝

In the background is a fortune cat/prosperity cat 招财猫, used as a a feng sui ornament to bring fortune and luck to the owner

I am so glad I am moving on to baking. No more standing in front of the stove. Let's just say "free sauna" is not my idea of enjoyment. I am introducing you something very easy today. Yet it tasted marvelous. It is crunchy when bitten onto and it is flavourful. This snack is a relatively new creation that started a few years back. I made some for selling last year and boy, what a hit it was!

This bake is really a no-brainer. Fold, roll, and bake. As easy as 1..2..3. The good thing about this snack is that you do not need any oil at all! Hooray! There are many ways of doing this. Some stick the seaweed and fish snack together, some bundle it at the end, and some bundle it in the middle like I did. I find it more pleasing to the eyes and easier to store. I enjoy making this snack as I could bundle it while watching tv. Then I just chuck it into the oven and mission accomplished!

Cod Fish Seaweed Bundle


1 packet Cod fish strip
1 packet of nori seaweed
cooked starch/egg for gluing

Cooking Instructions

1. Cut nori sheet into 2 x 5 cm strip.

2. Take five pieces of cod fish strip. Fold the top and bottom part towards the middle. Make sure the ends are secured in the middle.

3. Take a piece of cut nori and wrap the middle, securing the ends. Wrap it as loose as possible to allow hot air into the middle when baking. This would give you a nice even crunch. Apply a little glue/egg at the tip to seal the seaweed. Repeat until finish.

4. Preheat oven at 160C and bake for 10-13 mins once oven is preheated.

5. Cool before storing in air tight jar.


  1. Hi Christine, I saw some shine on the norifish bundles yesterday at a shop..how to create the shine? Tq..Jackie.

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  4. Hi Jackie, if you are talking about the nori seaweed, it has a shine on its own. One side of the sheet is shiny. But if you are talking about the fish strips, I am afraid I have not come across shiny ones. Therefore, can't comment much. My guess (just a guess ya) is they might have sprayed it with some oil/flavouring before baking. Do let me know if you found out the answer ya. Hope to hear from you again. Christine.


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